Meet the 2019-2020 Executive Board



My name is Maria Cruzat, and I am serving as President of AMWHO UNCC. I am a senior studying Public Health, International Studies, and Spanish with a minor in Applied Understandings in Global Education. AMWHO has offered me a platform to explore my interests in global health and understand the collaborative process involved in policy-making. Apart from AMWHO, you can find me filmmaking, playing the guitar and piano, and photographing my travels. I am a lover of books, dark chocolate, bad puns, and hammocks. Put them all together and my day is made.


Vice President

My name is Yesika Sorto Andino, and I am serving as Vice-President of AMWHO UNCC. I am a senior studying Political Science and minoring in Children’s Literature and Public Health. AMWHO has allowed me to grow and understand the different health issues and topics that are currently occurring in our world and learning how to find solutions in a collaborative way. Outside of AMWHO, you can find me reading/editing poetry and short stories, doing yoga, or watching Merlin.


Conference Director

My name is Merel Devaney, and I am serving as the Conference Director for AMWHO UNCC. I am a second-year student studying Pre-Public Health and Spanish. AMWHO has given me the opportunity to learn about a variety of health issues around the globe that I would normally not be exposed to. In addition, AMWHO has given me the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded individuals. Besides enjoying the political scene, I love to explore the city of Charlotte with my friends.


Director of Media

My name is Sarah Rifield, and I am serving as Director of Media for AMWHO UNCC. I am a senior dual major in Political Science and Health Systems Management with a minor in Public Health. AMWHO has provided me with the opportunity to learn about my global community and pursue my interests in health and medicine, with the added benefit of collaborating with my peers. When I am not engaged in Global Health Policy, you can easily find me in a bookstore sipping a coffee or at a coffee shop reading a book.


Co-Director of Campus Affairs

My name is Tyra Favorite, and I am serving as a Co-Director of Campus Affairs. I am a junior majoring in Public Health with a minor in International Studies and Spanish from Raleigh, North Carolina. For me, AMWHO was the perfect blend of Public Health, International Studies, and Diplomacy that also allowed me to build connections with those at UNC Charlotte as well as those at other universities/colleges across the country. Outside of AMWHO, I am either catching up on a TV series with all my favorite snacks, listening to music, hanging with friends, or running to a meeting!


Co-Director of Campus Affairs

My name is Kavya Kumar, and I am serving as the Co-Director of Campus Affairs for AMWHO UNCC. I am a sophomore studying Pre-Public Health from Morrisville, North Carolina. AMWHO has broadened my awareness of the severity of global health and international medical concerns. I have gained knowledge on policy-making and parliamentary procedure, all while networking with people who have similar interests as me. Aside from AMWHO, I am a photographer and enjoy pilates.



My name is WahSu Oo, and I am serving as the secretary for AMWHO UNCC. I am a sophomore majoring in biology and minoring in public health. AMWHO gave me the platform to learn more about policies regarding public health in other countries and correlate it to the community around me. AMWHO also helped me improve my communication and leadership skills. In addition to AMWHO, I love wandering around the greenhouse on campus and learning about new plants!


External Affairs

My name is Meghan Reese, and I transferred to UNCC as a graduate of Mitchell Community College with a degree in business administration. I am currently pursuing my B.S. in Biology and will graduate Spring 2020! I plan to apply to medical school following graduation. I joined AMWHO UNCC for the opportunities it provides to talk about challenges in health care, and to collaborate with people interested in applying their skills to health-related fields. I believe that making healthcare more accessible requires everyone working together to understand all of the intricacies in order to develop creative solutions.


Internal Affairs

My name is Reuben Sanchez, and I am serving as the Director of Internal Affairs for AMWHO UNCC. I am a Senior studying Computer Science with a minor in History. Public health is an incredibly important issue to be concerned with, and I look forward to serving AMWHO to the best of my ability!


Faculty Advisor

Lorenzo Hopper, Lecturer here at UNCC with my Ph.D. in Maternal and Child Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My passions surround Father Engagement and the impacts on child development/health; reducing/eliminating health disparities; minority health; and the first generation college student's experience. I love working out (weight lifting) and spending time with my family and 6 year old Bulloxer named Bruno.

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