Access to Care: Bridging the Divide
- AMWHO UNCC November 9 -

Thank you all for attending!

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Colleagues


     It is with great honor that I formally invite you all to UNC Charlotte’s first American Mock World Health Summit on November 9th! This all day summit will take place on UNC Charlotte’s main campus.

     The theme for this summit is Access to Care: Bridging the Divide. As healthcare technology and level of care increases over time, the question still remains. To what extent can people access this care? The summit will be divided into three subsidiary themes to further critical thinking of the main theme. These themes are the Rural and Urban Gap, Technology and Innovation, and Socio-Cultural Barriers; all of which are factors that affect a person's ability to receive adequate care.

     Delegates will have the opportunity to represent either a country or a non-governmental organization at this summit. As a model of the World Health Assembly, delegates will work throughout the day to form and pass a resolution paper that focuses on addressing the issues regarding access to care. We can create an informative dialogue around these themes in order to further our knowledge on the public health issues challenging the world.


Our executive team is thrilled to welcome you to campus come November. Together we can create solutions to help Bridge the Divide!




Merel Devaney

Conference Director, AMWHO UNC Charlotte

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